what happened to 123movies

Five years ago, there were “filmmaking” communities to share good, personal movies into a community film store, then spread to other communities. Initially, these movies were the only place to store the film so that the community (which was granted the account) downloaded the film to the PC. Because the internet bandwidth is low, watching movies on these websites is tedious, often being shot.  But I suggest the good address to watch movies on a website that works just like 123 movies – cmovieshd; I hope you will love it.

The development of film websites

But there has been a time when web-based movies have grown in number to thousands, from movies to movies (USA, China, Korea, Japan …) with many different genres: Psychology – social, criminal, war, antiques, children, music … In particular, learning model of Netflix (US) is a provider of content services in the US and many European countries, the owners of the website said that this site would attract many customers from 10 million members of social networking and online game products of this investor …

The development of film websites

The film industry confirms that most of the movies appearing on movie sites are non-copyrighted. Even movies that have just appeared in theaters have appeared in these movies. The last unapproved has also appeared on web pages (many web sites have removed the video from the server but still have names).

The quality and the copyrighted of films on website

Peter, an admin rated, free online movie sites are now thriving to meet the needs of most internet users. “The quality of movies on the web is not as good as watching movies” offline “(CDs, TVs), but image quality is improving,” Peter said.

An investor (with anonymity) said that at present the film store has 3,000 films, mainly film sets copyrighted with a large amount of money initially. The boss said that in the movie store if it was a movie that had appeared a year ago, it was a TV series that had been shown two months ago. Another investor revealed that his website had made copyright issues for the films appearing on the site, as well as the introduction of music programs that the company spends on its own. He did not disclose how much money was spent on this aggregated website, but rather in general terms, even though cinema dealers supported royalties.

The quality and the copyrighted of films on website

That’s not to mention the amount of money that webmasters pay for their internet service provider (ISP) on network infrastructure. Jack, a technical specialist at Data Center said that depending on the capacity of the film and bandwidth, but the preliminary, the cost of network infrastructure, server rental. And cabinets capacity …

Jack says that to maintain a web movie, from royalty to internet infrastructure, technical and business operators, investors must have at least $ 1 million. “But now, because of not paying royalties, just a few can also operate a web movie.”

The new investing trends

Investing in digital content on the internet to enrich the Internet ecosystem is a global trend. With the movie website, Jimmy, whose films interact with members, is supported by the community by calling for contributions to “survive,” and websites provide only one dimension, only Crowded when the film is good, easy to fail.

As with many digital content services on the internet, web movie investors must acquire two items: advertising and user fees can be “redeemed by the day.” Through surveys, many web pages have appeared in advertisements. The revenue from these banner ads is not high because customers pay only when someone clicks on it. And the revenue from watching movies, according to the director of a web movie, users only free to use, asking them to collect money they dropped to another page immediately.

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