The water pollution status in the cities, industrial zones

Water is a very important factor that affects the health of people and their family members. If you live in a city or city with the development of many services or infrastructure, then the importance of having a clean water source is great. So you must be a smart consumer, actively protect your health. You can visit at the following address to know more about water filter reverse osmosis.

Water pollution seriously

Water pollution


This water source is the habitat and source of life for plants, animals, and millions of people. However, these water sources are degraded and severely damaged by over-exploitation and pollution of varying degrees. Even many rivers, rivers, ponds and lakes are dying. The reason why you know, with the state of urbanization dizzy today, along with the enormous amount of waste, waste, wastewater into the environment. Domestic wastewater, hospital wastewater, and industrial wastewater, when entering the environment without treatment, will seriously damage the environment and directly affect the life of the people themselves. Others, wastewater treatment system is not good, not high efficiency, not regular maintenance of waste water treatment system … Is also the cause

Harms of water pollution

Harm of water pollution



The level of water pollution is increasing due to the lack of effective pollution control. This condition is causing human health effects, increasing the risk of cancer, miscarriage and congenital malformation, leading to declining race. In some places, when studying cancer cases, inflammation in women, it is found that 40-50% is due to the use of polluted water.

On average, there are several thousand deaths each year due to poor water and sanitation and nearly 200,000 new cases of cancer, one of the main causes of which is the use of polluted water.

The causes of current environmental pollution

People’s awareness

First, it is the lack of serious and indifferent sense of the people. Many people think their work is too small to do enough harm to the environment. Some people argue that environmental protection is the responsibility of the state, of the authorities … while others think that the environment is polluted, it does not work and Environmental pollution also does not affect much. And these thoughts will greatly affect the education and the minds of environmental protection of the younger generations to later.

Raise awareness


Indeed, adults do not set an example for educating children. At school, we often see parents take their children to school gate to stop for breakfast, and after eating, instead of leaving the box of sticky rice in the trash, they throw away In place. Although the school has a lot of variable panels, slogans forbid littering indiscriminately, but parents still litter in public, it is difficult to form good sense for the younger generation.

Destruction of the environment of a person only affects small but if many people are very large. One sheet of paper, milk cans, plastic bags, etc., which are small but accumulate for a long time, will cause pollution, loss of beauty and waste deposited in the sewers. When heavy rain or high tide.

Businesses are irresponsible and have no sense of environmental protection

The second cause of environmental pollution is the lack of responsibility of businesses. Due to the heavy target of maximizing profits, many enterprises have violated the mining process, contributing to significant environmental pollution.

On the other hand, the wastewater treatment system in some industrial zones has not been effectively operated; the waste water is polluted continuously into rivers and lakes causing the poisoning of natural water.

Also, the bureaucracy and lack of tight control of the state’s environmental protection are also helping to destroy the environment. Also, the amount of traffic circulating in our country also contributes significantly to polluting the atmosphere.

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