How to buy battery jumper cables?

Whenever you buy a battery jumper for your car battery, it is important that you choose with it a correct cable wires. Nevertheless, buying the correct ones is not as easy as a walk in the park. In today’s article, we will show you some stuff you need to pay attention when buying this piece of equipment.

The gauge 



This indicates the diameter of the wire or how thick the wire is. Thicker wire will be able to transmit a higher amount of amps through the car battery, which will do a better job of reviving your car battery. They may cause a bit more but they are guaranteed to get the job done. Paying a bit more to ensure that you will be able to revive the battery when you need it the most is highly advisable

The material



In order to effectively revive your car, the jumper cable needs to be made of good material. Something that is a good conductor, flexible, durable, and have high melting point. The material that can meet this requirement in my opinion is copper. They might require you to pay more but they will be worth the money.

Cable insulator

The two layers of protection will prevent both internal and external factors from damaging the wire. The outer layer will prevent water or foreign particles from getting into the wire, reducing its effectiveness. The inner layer will prevent the electricity from coming out, causing sparks ad potentially a fire accident. If safety is your main concern, a cable with these two layers of high quality is what you need.


If you are a fan of Murphy’s Law then a warranty is just the thing you need. Although the process may sound and look simple, there is always a tiny, little chance that something will go wrong. When that happens, it is much better to have something to fall back on. A good way to tell whether the warranty is good or not is by doing some simple research about the company of the product you bought. A company with high reputation will hardly let their customers down.



Cables clamps

Because you will be reviving your battery using a thick cable, it is of utmost importance that you establish a secured connection between the two components. For a heavy duty cable, a heavy duty clamps is a must-have as well. This will give you a safe connection and reduce any slight chance of sparks occurring, which could cause damage to your car battery.


With a small bag to keep your cables neatly inside and kept in the back of your car, you can access it whenever you want. This will also prolong your cable life so that you can use it for much longer.

That was it from us. Did you find these tips useful? We sure hope so. If you want to know more information about this topic, please have a look right here using this link. You won’t be disappointed.

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