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Best egg incubator for the money

For those who’re looking for a good incubator, it’s really hard to look for an incubator that could worth the money you pay for. That’s why in this post, I’m gonna show you two of the best egg incubator that will definitely worth your money. They’re Yosoo 10 Chicken Eggs Mini LED Digital Incubator and Oanon Automatic 48 Digital Clear Egg Incubator. And if you’re looking for an awesome guide for choosing best egg incubator, please check out more at our website.

Why should you trust us?

Why you should trust us


With the experience of the people that have been working in poultry business for at least 10 years, we’ve tested and examined 21 incubators that have the same price range. The mentioned two are the ones that really stand out in their own category. In the hatching test, they’re the ones that have the highest hatch rate of 82% and 85% (All the fertile egg and incubating environment conditions are the same).

Who should get this?

For those who’re looking for a small but efficient incubator – I suggest you choose the Yosoo 10 Chicken Incubator. If you’re a poultry beginner or you’re just interested in hatching small chicks and you’re looking for a good incubator that’s not going to cost you a lot, then this is definitely the one for you. It’s a small but compact and efficient incubator with great features. The capacity is 10 with all types of eggs up to goose which is perfect for beginners at learning about poultry.

And if you want more capacity and automatic features – The Oanon Automatic 48 Incubator is definitely a great choice in the price range. With just a few more bucks, you’ll get an automatic turning egg incubator with a considerably large capacity of 48 eggs. Plus, it can incubate chicken, duck, and other fowl eggs. Those who’re new to poultry business would definitely love this.

Product Reviews

Yosoo 10 Chicken Eggs Mini LED Digital Incubator

Yosoo 10 Chicken Eggs Mini LED Digital Incubator


This incubator has the capacity of 10 eggs at all size up to goose. The sturdy plastic material makes the incubator looks really compact and it’s really easy to clean. It has a built-in fan and alarm system that’s going to help you have a better control of the incubator. Plus, the LED will display all the information that you’ll need like the temperature and humidity inside. And you could always see what’s happening inside your incubator through the transparent surround window.

Oanon Automatic 48 Digital Clear Egg Incubator

Oanon Automatic 48 Digital Clear Egg Incubator


The Oanon automatic incubator has a much larger capacity. It can incubate 48 eggs at many different sizes which are really nice at this price range. Usually, you only get a 12-24 egg incubator at this price. But with this one, the number is 48. Plus, you’ll have an automatic turning with this incubator which is really impressive. The intelligent integrated circuit control allows you to have a full control of the system through the LED display, temperature and humidity meter. And the transparent base allows us to have a clearer look at what’s happening inside the incubator which is really great for a incubate lesson or demonstration.

Things to keep in mind when buying a family tent

Family tent


When you go camping with your friends or family, it is important that you have a good tent. But with its wide variety of brands, styles, and designs currently on the market, choosing one might not be easy at all. And that is exactly that purpose of this article, to give you a better idea of what to look for when buying your tent. Here are some important features that you want for your tent.




Tents come in all kinds of price. Depending on how much you want to spend, there is a wide range of tent available for your selection. The key thing to remember is the bigger it is and the more complicated the design, the more you are going to pay. The price can range from a few hundred to even a few thousand.


Depend on how big your family is, you should buy that can accommodate them all. There is even a type of tent that has separate bedroom connecting to a common living space. If you are a serious camper, go for this one. If not just a regular big tent is enough.

Weather resistance

Nature is unpredictable. Even when the weather forecast says one thing, there is still a small chance that the opposite will occurs. Therefore, buying a tent that can withstand unexpected and crazy weather is always a good choice. This will prevent your trip from turning into a disaster.

Ease of usage

Easy to use

Whenever you try and use it, it should be easily deployed and set up within a short time. This is especially important for young family as they cannot leave their children unsupervised for long while setting up the campsite. Besides, it is not always in your favor that you will reach the campsite in a good mood and full of energy. Hence, wrestle for another long hour setting up the tent is the last thing you want to do

Packing size

Some big tents have really neat and compact packing so it is very easy to load them onto your car. This is what you should be looking for in your tent. You don’t want it to take too much space in your car and spend a lot of time cleaning up everything after you finish camping.

That was it in my opinion. To facilitate the process for you, here is the list of the best family tents for sale right now. We wish you will soon find what you are looking for.

How to have a good night sleep

How to have good night sleep


A good night sleep is necessary for anybody who wants to recharge themselves after a long day of working. However, not everyone knows the correct way to do this and they end up damaging themselves even more. In this article, we will show you some tips to sleep soundly during the night so that you can wake up the next day feeling fresh. Here they are in details:

1/ A regular sleep cycle

Sleep cycle


Sleeping at the same hours every day will allow you to have a fixed biological clock so that you will naturally fall asleep at the same hours. Choose a time when you usually feel tired so that you don’t have to count sheep to slumber. If you get enough hours of sleep for your age, you should be able to wake up without an alarm. Sleep a bit earlier if you need to use an alarm clock to get yourself up.

Sleep a bit more on weekends and that’s it. Don’t make up for lost sleep by dozing off all morning. If you still feel tired throughout the day, take a short nap at noon. This will help you get enough sleep and not disturb your sleep cycle.

As for napping, take a quick one only. If you are unable to take some Zs at night, a long nap will make you feel even worse. Go to bed a little earlier than usual is a much better idea.

2/ Light exposure

Light exposure


Your brain secret more melatonin – a substance that makes you feel sleepy when it’s dark and less when it’s bright. You should adjust your daily life according to that. During the day, expose yourself to as much sunlight as possible, e.g. spending more time out in the open and brighten up the house using sunlight. Then as it gets darker, lower the intensity gradually. Say no to watching a big screen TV 1 or 2 hours before bedtime. If you want to do something before bedtime, try listening to some soothing music or reading a book.

3/ Be active during the day. 

The more active you are in your waking hours, the better the quality of your sleep will be. Even a light exercise like a 10-minute walk helps as well. However, you need to time your exercise hours correctly as doing it close to your bedtime will make it very hard to doze off. You should finish all strenuous exercise 3 hours before your bedtime so as to have a good night sleep. If insomnia still bothers you, try exercise a bit earlier.

4/ Food and drinks

Food and drinks


This plays an important role in your sleep quality, especially at the hours close to bedtime. You should consume only light snack before bedtime. Avoid heavy, spicy or acidic food as these could cause stomachache. Say no to alcohol, nicotine or caffeine as these can interfere heavily with your sleep.

5/ Sleep environment

Keep the room temperature just right, make it quiet and dark. If you cannot control them, use mask and earplugs. As for bed mattress, this should be elastic to support your whole body. If you feel uncomfortable, e.g. waking up with neck ache or backache, maybe you should try a different type of mattress. If the bed is too hot for you, then what you need is a cooling mattress pad.

That should be enough to get you sleep soundly like a log at night. If you need to know more about this matter, don’t hesitate to take a look at our website which is right here. We hope that you will be able to sleep well from now on.

Tips for running more effectively


Running is one of the most versatile exercises as it train your overall body. However, how effective it is going to be depends on how correct your form is. With the correct form, you will get more benefits from running and you can run faster as well. Let’s look at some crucial points about this matter

Maintain quick, short strides


If you do the math, you will see that the longer your stride is, the more ground you will cover and thus, the faster you can finish the lap. However, in reality, longer strides require more energy and if you are not used to it, you will get progressively slower with each stride, which, in turns, leads to longer time and higher risk of injury. The key here is to maintain your stride within the range that you are comfortable with and increase the number of strides you can perform. Avoid overstriding as well as understriding

Arms swing

When you run, swing your arm with adequate arc, back and forth, and back and forth only, do not make any side to side action. Imagine there is an imaginary line dividing your body in half, your arm swinging trajectory must not cross that line because it will expend more energy and make you run slower at the same time.

Another thing is to keep your elbows, arms and shoulders relaxed at all time. A stiffened arms will consume more energy while not getting you any faster and thus, should be removed while running. You only have a limited amount of energy so use it economically and efficiently

Leg motion

Apart from the quick, short strides above, you need to pay attention to the placement of your foot as well. Make sure that, as one of your legs go up, your foot is below the knee, this will increase speed and reduce risk of injury

Another thing is the landing. While running, you should land on the forefoot first then the whole foot down. This will serve the same purpose as the above.

Running gear


You may think that running is simply get in any type of comfortable T-shirt, shorts and a pair of cleats or even bare feet and just do it. There are some must-have gear if you want to run efficiently. The outfit should be tightly fit so as to reduce friction with the environment. In short distance, it is not going to make any difference, but in the long run, this could help you not to waste any precious energy so that you can cover more distance.

As for the cleats, it is true that you can run with any types of shoes or even run with bare feet. However, those are for short runs only. If you do that in a long run, literally and figurative, you will get uncomfortable running and run a higher risk of injury and eventually, may contract some feet problems. Therefore, if you don’t want any of those, don’t hesitate to buy yourself a good pair of cleats.

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