Best Comedy Movies You Can Find On Putlocker

Are you tired of watching boring and crappy movies? You want to find good movies but simply don’t have the time? Don’t worry, Putlocker and pmovies has made a list of the best free comedy movies that will definitely satisfy you. And you can watch them on the internet at any time on oursite. The movies on the list are highly recommended by most people who have watched them. And now, let begin our free movies list.

  1. The God Must Be Crazy (1980)

God Must Be CrazyThe movie tells the story of an aborigines of Africa on the journey to return the “evil thing” which was simply just a bottle of Coca-Cola. The bottle fell from the sky and has caused lots of problem in his tribal. So he decided to journey to the end of the earth and throw it away. Along with that, the movie also tells another story about a male scientist and a female teacher. They are all involved in a fight between the rebel group of the Sho tribal and the military army. The movie is funny in many ways and has a lot of good lesson in it. The naïve of Xi the tribal man has taught us a lot of things. It shows that we must learn to live in harmony with natural and protect the environment. There are also 2 other movies on the series. They were released in 1990 and 1991. Both are really fun to watch

  1. Home Alone (1990)

Home AloneThis is the movie that you must watch, especially on Christmas days. The film is about Kelvin McAllister (Macaulay Culkin), a kid who was accidentally abandoned at home by his family on Christmas. And he must face two guys who were trying to stealth in his house. The movie brings us many laughs because of the intelligent of Kelvin and the stupidity of the thieves. The movie also taught us about family, that all members must love each other and nobody is leaving behind. The movie makes Macaulay Culkin became the most famous face for children comedy films.

  1. Click (2006)

Since its first release on 2006, Click has become a great comedy movie. Not only by the laughs it brings but also the meaning of the movie. Adam Sander has always been a great comedy actor. His films are full of laughter and joy. Click is one of his best movies. It tells the story of a man who accidentally had a mysterious remote control, which can control time. It pauses, rewind, and fast forward time. He was so obsessed with the power of the remote and eventually lost everything that is precious to him. Only in his last moment that he realize that family always come first.

  1. The Intouchables (2011)

The movie is about the story between two different men. Philippe – a wealthy man who was paralysis and Driss – a black man with a dark past. The story begin when Driss was introduced to work at Philippe’ place. Philippe was warned by a friend about Driss past but he still treats him normally. They get along quite well and became best friends, both has changed each other life in many ways. The whole movie is a peaceful story but still doesn’t short on laughs.

  1. Friday (1995)

Our last movie on the list will be full of funny moments. After got himself fired, Craig decided to spend his Friday to hang out with his friend Smokey, who has a bad hobby of smoking weed. And this leads to whole lot troubles to two guys. The movie will bring you a lot of laughs and relaxing moments.

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