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Best Comedy Movies You Can Find On Putlocker

Are you tired of watching boring and crappy movies? You want to find good movies but simply don’t have the time? Don’t worry, Putlocker and pmovies has made a list of the best free comedy movies that will definitely satisfy you. And you can watch them on the internet at any time on oursite. The movies on the list are highly recommended by most people who have watched them. And now, let begin our free movies list.

  1. The God Must Be Crazy (1980)

God Must Be CrazyThe movie tells the story of an aborigines of Africa on the journey to return the “evil thing” which was simply just a bottle of Coca-Cola. The bottle fell from the sky and has caused lots of problem in his tribal. So he decided to journey to the end of the earth and throw it away. Along with that, the movie also tells another story about a male scientist and a female teacher. They are all involved in a fight between the rebel group of the Sho tribal and the military army. The movie is funny in many ways and has a lot of good lesson in it. The naïve of Xi the tribal man has taught us a lot of things. It shows that we must learn to live in harmony with natural and protect the environment. There are also 2 other movies on the series. They were released in 1990 and 1991. Both are really fun to watch

  1. Home Alone (1990)

Home AloneThis is the movie that you must watch, especially on Christmas days. The film is about Kelvin McAllister (Macaulay Culkin), a kid who was accidentally abandoned at home by his family on Christmas. And he must face two guys who were trying to stealth in his house. The movie brings us many laughs because of the intelligent of Kelvin and the stupidity of the thieves. The movie also taught us about family, that all members must love each other and nobody is leaving behind. The movie makes Macaulay Culkin became the most famous face for children comedy films.

  1. Click (2006)

Since its first release on 2006, Click has become a great comedy movie. Not only by the laughs it brings but also the meaning of the movie. Adam Sander has always been a great comedy actor. His films are full of laughter and joy. Click is one of his best movies. It tells the story of a man who accidentally had a mysterious remote control, which can control time. It pauses, rewind, and fast forward time. He was so obsessed with the power of the remote and eventually lost everything that is precious to him. Only in his last moment that he realize that family always come first.

  1. The Intouchables (2011)

The movie is about the story between two different men. Philippe – a wealthy man who was paralysis and Driss – a black man with a dark past. The story begin when Driss was introduced to work at Philippe’ place. Philippe was warned by a friend about Driss past but he still treats him normally. They get along quite well and became best friends, both has changed each other life in many ways. The whole movie is a peaceful story but still doesn’t short on laughs.

  1. Friday (1995)

Our last movie on the list will be full of funny moments. After got himself fired, Craig decided to spend his Friday to hang out with his friend Smokey, who has a bad hobby of smoking weed. And this leads to whole lot troubles to two guys. The movie will bring you a lot of laughs and relaxing moments.

How to Choose and Clean Your Shoes Rightly

There are many kinds of shoes, you can use each kind for your purpose. If you want to find shoes for protecting your plantar fasciitis, you can visit here for get more info of good shoes for plantar fasciitis guide. In this article, I will show you how to choose the suitable shoes and clean them.

Check The Quality Of The Shoes

quality-of-the-shoesSome errors ko few people make when choosing shoes is not carefully checked its quality. Consequently leading to them to form shoe shopping “fake” – looked chic but they seem to be only a few days had broken. If the shoes come from prestigious brands, the quality is not quite sure. To check for one pair of shoes is good or not, we usually consider two main factors: the material and the sole. Speaking of shoe material, then the main groups are canvas, fabric and leather jeans. canvas shoes usually durable material, and rubber soles are glue. However, they are very frayed, torn and peeling substrate being soaked. Particularly for men’s shoes are made of leather, you have to double-check. By now there are many shops selling leather shoes, and leather shoe soles and more popular fabric.

They Advertise Too Much

advertisingA lot of residential address promoting a shoe sale at a discount of 20-40%. For example, the leather shoes, own shoe leather to work they had to buy from foreign countries such as Nepal, India, etc … the price is not low at all. The base is no exception, or produce cases also need to invest a sizeable budget to the machine systems for the manufacture of shoes. When such high prices, it is rare at a discount, or for such a reduction is not more than 10%.

Review The Policy To Buy Products

Good product quality, in addition, they must have a warranty, attentive customer care. You should consider carefully the conditions refunding products store. About warranty policy, you do not think it is not necessary to buy shoe warranty. Shoes are used with such high intensity, at times rain and the sunshine. Even high-quality shoes can also be damaged. The shoes are cheap to get free repairs for about 06 months. What if you buy expensive shoes without warranty, chances are you’ve been cheated.

How To Clean Running Shoes

When cleaning shoes, the most important thing to do how not to affect the quality of shoes:

  • Do not wash the shoes constantly after each run. Shoes will very quickly damage if you soak it too often: leaking glue soles or shoe section body rotted material.
  • Do not wash shoes in the washing machine. If you are lazy and want to use a washing machine, and should only do so every few months.
  • Do not leave shoes in the dryer. The temperature of the steam dryer will damage the shoe material itself, which takes the form of shoes, and negatively affect the quality of shoe glue.
  • Do not soak in water for too long shoes. Other shoes to clothing because it glues between the body and the soles of shoes. Part of this glue did not like what was soaked. You should use a spray nozzle directly on the surface of the water to wash the stains shoes.
  • Limit the use of soap. Unless shoes dirty, clean water, new you should use soap diluted.
  • Use newspaper stuffed into shoes after finishing cleaning. Its purpose is to keep the shoe form. Therefore, each time cleaning is done, you should take notice tucked into shoes before exposing.

Tips for running more effectively


Running is one of the most versatile exercises as it train your overall body. However, how effective it is going to be depends on how correct your form is. With the correct form, you will get more benefits from running and you can run faster as well. Let’s look at some crucial points about this matter

Maintain quick, short strides


If you do the math, you will see that the longer your stride is, the more ground you will cover and thus, the faster you can finish the lap. However, in reality, longer strides require more energy and if you are not used to it, you will get progressively slower with each stride, which, in turns, leads to longer time and higher risk of injury. The key here is to maintain your stride within the range that you are comfortable with and increase the number of strides you can perform. Avoid overstriding as well as understriding

Arms swing

When you run, swing your arm with adequate arc, back and forth, and back and forth only, do not make any side to side action. Imagine there is an imaginary line dividing your body in half, your arm swinging trajectory must not cross that line because it will expend more energy and make you run slower at the same time.

Another thing is to keep your elbows, arms and shoulders relaxed at all time. A stiffened arms will consume more energy while not getting you any faster and thus, should be removed while running. You only have a limited amount of energy so use it economically and efficiently

Leg motion

Apart from the quick, short strides above, you need to pay attention to the placement of your foot as well. Make sure that, as one of your legs go up, your foot is below the knee, this will increase speed and reduce risk of injury

Another thing is the landing. While running, you should land on the forefoot first then the whole foot down. This will serve the same purpose as the above.

Running gear


You may think that running is simply get in any type of comfortable T-shirt, shorts and a pair of cleats or even bare feet and just do it. There are some must-have gear if you want to run efficiently. The outfit should be tightly fit so as to reduce friction with the environment. In short distance, it is not going to make any difference, but in the long run, this could help you not to waste any precious energy so that you can cover more distance.

As for the cleats, it is true that you can run with any types of shoes or even run with bare feet. However, those are for short runs only. If you do that in a long run, literally and figurative, you will get uncomfortable running and run a higher risk of injury and eventually, may contract some feet problems. Therefore, if you don’t want any of those, don’t hesitate to buy yourself a good pair of cleats.

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